The Complete Memoirs of George Sherston

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What a beautiful book! You really need the complete memoirs to go hand in hand with young Sherston and follow him blossom from a hapless and intellectually indolent youngster to a man grappling with the contradictions of war. The Complete Memoirs of George Sherston PDF EBook
As you would expect from Sassoon the poet, the writing is beautiful, and accompanies you along the progression from the tranquil picture perfect Suffolk village of Butley, where young Sherston is imprinted by fox hunting loving groom, the main male role model as a youngster; download; to the horrors of war devastated France.
The first volume,Memoirs of a Fox- PDFHunting Man is absolutely crucial to "get" Sherston and his background, and as a byproduct get a precious insight in the qualities that make English country life quintessentially English. With the second volume, Memoirs of an Infantry Officer you are catapulted into the war scene, and get in touch with the horrors of the war: not the gory scenes we are now getting used to - Sassoon chisels the ugliness of war in the futility of it, the constant discomfort, drudgery and frustration that bears you down day by day a little more, the battles with no clear plan, the weariness of the mud and the rain and the absence of intellectual stimulation or company, and in the end the rebellion to it all. The final volume, Sherston's Progress marks the full maturity of Sherston the man, from hospital to the war zone again.
Many things struck me which were possibly not intended to have this effect: the engrained class system (Sherston aid is a servant, officers were supposed to come from the higher classes, and so on), the stereoitypical English reserve, the relationship with alcohol, as well as the lack of any female figure of any relevance with the exception of the Aunt in whose house Sherston grew.
A beautiful book, a compelling read.
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