The Contemplative Pastor (The Pastoral series, #4)

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This is vintage Peterson. The Contemplative Pastor (The Pastoral series, #4) PDF EBookThe book is an appeal for recovering the essentials of pastoral work—prayer, the ministry of the Word and spiritual direction.This book focuses more on the the aspect of spiritual direction.Peterson contends that pastors should be unbusy, subversive and apocalyptic.This last is that pastors focus on the big realities of the coming kingdom that is urgent, patient and prayerful.

Peterson also focuses on pastoral practice between Sundays.He has very insightful comments regarding the importance of small talk and a spirituality that is grounded in the everyday matters of life and both the individual ways our sinfulness manifests itself and the ways the grace of God meets us in ordinary life.He also has some thought- PDFprovoking insights in his chapter on "Is Growth a Decision?".He speaks of the kind of active submission to the conditions of our lives in which God meets us—work, language, and love—a participation in the work of God that is neither simply active nor passive.It is life in the middle voice.It is the dance with the Other.

His concluding chapter is must reading for anyone considering a sabbatical.Then he concludes with some of his own poetry—Peterson believes that pastors who neglect poetry for prose become prosaic. Like this book? Read online this: Peterson's Act English Flash 2001 (Peterson's Act English Flash, 2nd ed), Contemplative Gardens.

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