The Contemporary Bauman

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This text covers Bauman s contribution to sociology and social theory. The Contemporary Bauman PDF EBook This ideal teaching text analyzes Bauman's shift from a sociology of postmodernity to liquid modernity, and provides a critical assessment of the contemporary Bauman, appraising his novel theory of liquid modernity in terms of its implications for self- PDFidentity, interpersonal relationships, culture, communications, and the broad-ranging institutional transformations associated with globalization.

In addition to various extracts from Bauman's work, the book also contains a spirited reply from Zygmunt Bauman to both his sympathetic and unsympathetic critics. Bauman concludes by providing a new perspectives on his theory of liquid modernity, its differentiation from the modernity/postmodernity debate and its relation to current developments in contemporary social theory." Like this book? Read online this: Routledge International Handbook of Contemporary Social and Political Theory, Contemporary Sexuality.

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