The Covenant Enforced

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The more I read Calvin's sermons the more I like them. The Covenant Enforced PDF EBook I am not sure what I expected, but I have enjoyed them immensely. There is more application in his sermons than his commentaries so they tend to feed the soul. These sermons on Deuteronomy were excellent and different from some other sermons I have read by him probably because he was preaching on a different text.

I have often heard that Calvin is a theocentric preacher as opposed to a Christocentric preacher.He does preach the text. So in this case he is preaching Deuteronomy, not Ephesians. That means he tells us what the text means. But one look at the last sermon in this book will show that Christ as Redeemer and Lord is central part of Calvin's preaching. Calvin calls upon his flock to look to Christ, cling to Christ and trust in Christ. The last sermon was encouraging despite the negative verses covered.

These sermons are especially valuable for understanding Calvin's view of the blessings and curses contained in the covenant and how those relate to unbelievers and believers in the Church. Like this book? Read online this: Preaching Christ Today, Our Covenant God.

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