The Crocheted Button

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When a plea comes from Eli's grandparents in Tennessee stating that grandpa is ill and Eli is needed to plant a cash crop, in order to pay taxes, Eli and Claire's world is shattered. The Crocheted Button PDF EBook Eli stared at the letter then muttered, "I have to do this. I'll talk to Claire... maybe she'll marry me right now and go with me." But Claire refused to go... until ten days after Eli left. Her hand came suddenly to her mouth, to muffle a cry, "Oh Eli, what have I done?" Spying her Bible, she picked it up and read. King David was lamenting the death of his child, "He shall not return to me... but I shall go to him." Claire's heart leaped. "What if he won't have me now?"" Sneaking away in the wee hours, Claire's adventure begins. This is a story filled with romance, humor, adventure, danger and characters you will never forget. Like this book? Read online this: Claire Mccardell, Gus and Button.

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