The Cyclopedia Talislanta Volume IV

PDF EBook by W.G. Armintrout

EBook Description

The Western Lands contain wonder and danger enough to intrigue the most jaded adventurer. The Cyclopedia Talislanta Volume IV PDF EBook Who are the mysterious Revenants, and how many one be protected from them? What secrets do the nomadic Sarista keep? What terrors (and treasures) lurk in the hidden depths of Werewood?

And what of Zandu and Aaman? Who will be victorious in this year's Clash of Champions? Will the Cult Wars ever resume, and will there be a final victor? Do the Aamanian pilgrims who travel across Talislanta have a hidden motive? Will the chaos of Zandu eventually lead to that nation's collapse into bickering factions?

These and many other questions may be answered by adventurers brave or foolhardy enough to visit the Western Lands of Talislanta. Like this book? Read online this: Hidden Treasures, Houghton Mifflin Math Teacher's Edition (Volume Set) (Volume Set) (Grade 5, Volume Set 1&2).

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