The D Programming Language

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To the best of my knowledge, D offers an unprecedentedly adroit integration of several powerful programming paradigms: imperative, object- PDForiented, functional, and meta. The D Programming Language PDF EBook"
—From the Foreword by Walter Bright
"This is a book by a skilled author describing an interesting programming language. I'm sure you'll find the read rewarding."
—From the Foreword by Scott Meyers D is a programming language built to help programmers address the challenges of modern software development. It does so by fostering modules interconnected through precise interfaces, a federation of tightly integrated programming paradigms, language-enforced thread isolation, modular type safety, an efficient memory model, and more."The D Programming Language "is an authoritative and comprehensive introduction to D. Reflecting the author's signature style, the writing is casual and conversational, but never at the expense of focus and precision. It covers all aspects of the language (such as expressions, statements, types, functions, contracts, and modules), but it is much more than an enumeration of features.Inside the book you will findIn-depth explanations, with idiomatic examples, for all language featuresHow feature groups support major programming paradigmsRationale and best-use advice for each major featureDiscussion of cross-cutting issues, such as error handling, contract programming, and concurrencyTables, figures, and "cheat sheets" that serve as a handy quick reference for day-to-day problem solving with DWritten for the working programmer, "The D Programming Language "not only introduces the D language—it presents a compendium of good practices and idioms to help both your coding with D and your coding in general. Like this book? Read online this: Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming, C Programming Professional, [ C Programming.

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