The Dark Farewell

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Don t talk to strangers, young man especially the dead ones. The Dark Farewell PDF EBook

It s the Roaring Twenties. Skirts are short, crime is rampant and booze is in short supply. Prohibition has hit Little Egypt, where newspaperman David Flynn has come to do a follow- PDFup story on the Herren Massacre. The massacre isn t the only news in town though. Spiritualist medium Julian Devereux claims to speak to the dead and he charges a pretty penny for it.

Flynn knows a phoney when he sees one, and he s convinced Devereux is as fake as a cigar store Indian. But the reluctant attraction he feels for the deceptively soft, not-his-type Julian is as real as it gets.

Suddenly Julian begins to have authentic, bloodstained visions of a serial killer, and the cynical Mr. Flynn finds himself willing to defend Julian with not only his life, but his body.Warning: This novella contains phony spiritualists, cynical newspapermen, labor disputes, illicit love affairs, high-calorie southern cooking, and more than fifty-percent humidity! Like this book? Read online this: Julian Rosefeldt, The Farewell Season.

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