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That, then, was all – yes, all. The Dark Flower PDF EBook

He turned out the little lamp, and groped towards the hearth. But one thing left. To say goodbye. To her, and youth, and passion – to the only salve for the aching that Spring and Beauty bring – the aching for the wild, the passionate, the new, that never quite dies in a man’s heart.

He crouched down before the hearth. There was no warmth in that fast- PDFblackening ember, but it still glowed like a dark-red flower. And while it lived he crouched there, as though it were that to which he were saying goodbye.

And on the door he heard the girl’s ghostly knocking. And beside him – a ghost among the ghostly presences – she stood. Slowly the glow blackened, till the last spark had faded out.

Something to do – something fixed, real, certain. And yet another long hour before her waking, he sat forward in the chair, with that wistful eagerness, his eyes fixed on her face, staring through it at some vision, some faint, glimmering light – far out there beyond – as a traveller watches a star...
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