The Darwin Awards (Darwin Awards, #1)

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"Only two things are infinite- PDFthe universe and human stupidity, andI'm not so sure about the universe. The Darwin Awards (Darwin Awards, #1) PDF EBook"-Albert Einstein

Named in honor of Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, TheDarwin Awards vividly portrays the finest examples of evolution inaction, and shows us just how uncommon common sense can be.

Marvel at the thief who steals electrical wires without shutting offthe current. Gape at the lawnchair jockey who floats to a height of16,000 feet suspended by helium balloons. Learn from the man who peersinto a gasoline can using a cigarette lighter. All three — and manymore — contend for Darwin Awards when their choices culminate inmagnificent misadventures.

These tales of trial andawe-inspiring error—verified by the author and endorsed by websitereaders—illustrate the ongoing saga of survival of the fittest in allits selective glory.

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