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A True Story of Four Unsolved Murders
Four young women were murdered in the nation’s capital between 1929 and 1935. The DC Dead Girls Club PDF EBook Their deaths had no connection to each other. Each woman was different. Each murder, though violent and brutal, was unlike the other three women. Other than the fact that all four women were young and beautiful with active love lives, they had little in common until they were murdered and their cases remained unsolved to this day.

In death they would all share similar newspaper headlines and together they formed The DC Dead Girls Club.

* On September 13, 1929, Virginia McPherson’s estranged husband found her body in her apartment. When police ruled her death a suicide, a maverick police officer, Washington daily newspapers, and three U.S. Senators cried foul.

* The body of thirty- PDFone-year-old Mary Baker was found in a culvert next to Arlington National Cemetery on April 12, 1930. Her case would be called “the Mystery of 101 Clues” and would end in a bizarre trial that only added another layer to the enigma.

* Beulah Limerick was a nineteen-year-old good time girl whose diary recounted her trysts with eighteen different lovers. When she was found dead in her bed on December 31, 1930, it was assumed she died of natural causes. Hours later, a mortician discovered a bullet hole in her head.

* On November 4, 1935, Corinna Loring disappeared two days before she was to marry Richard Tear, a handsome orderly at a mental hospital. The twenty-six-year-old was loved by all in the tiny Washington D.C. suburb of Mount Rainier, Maryland, where she sang in the church choir and taught Sunday school. Her death would be the biggest mystery of all. Like this book? Read online this: In the Shadows of a Strong Woman, Friendship Bracelets Girls Club Handbook.

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