The Defense of Christianity & My Credo

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This was my first foray into Van Til. The Defense of Christianity & download; My Credo PDF EBookI went in expecting a tough read, and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't as difficult as I'd been prepared for.That being said, it was still a difficult read—especially in several stretches when getting in depth into Aquinas and Arminianism.

The book is essentially a defense of Reformed Christianity against Roman Catholicism and Arminianism.Van Til shows how the Christian apologist must maintain strict allegiance to the self- PDFsufficient Word of God alone as an apologetic.Once you begin arguing and defending God in terms of human reason or rationalism—you've lost the argument.

The book is very brief, and it didn't seem to quite finish the argument he was trying to make.But this is a good, brief introduction to Van Til. Like this book? Read online this: The Book Nobody Read, Born Again (Credo Magazine Book 9).

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