The Defiant (The Defiant, #1)

PDF EBook by John W. Vance

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If the power went out, could you survive??

For years a few have warned that a day of reckoning was coming, but those warnings went unheeded and even mocked. The Defiant (The Defiant, #1) PDF EBook Then that day came…
When Nicholas McNeil, a father and dedicated husband, turned out the lights in his suburban home Sunday night, they would never turn on again. During the early Monday morning hours, a spectacular and well coordinated attack destroys the grid and brings the United States to its knees.
Nicholas was a man who had heeded the warnings to a degree, but most did not. With a society unprepared and a government overwhelmed, panic turns to chaos and soon violence.
Fighting for what resources are still available, Nicholas and his family also find themselves fighting to survive as society turns on itself.

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