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At first I thought this was a great reference piece, but as I began going through it, I started noticing more and more omissions that have finally left me to ask how they decided who to include. The Definitive Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Rock PDF EBook

Perhaps it's because the publishers are British, and they leaned more heavily on British and European tastes.Whatever criteria they used there were a lot of omissions that have led me to conclude that this is a mediocre encyclopedia.Especially for one that claims to be definitive.

In this edition, the musically irrelevant band Hootie and Blowfish is given more column space than either Bruce Springsteen or Stevie Ray Vaughn.How the hell does that happen?Springsteen continues as a musically relevant force, and even though he is dead, Stevie Ray Vaughn had such an impact on the revival of blues that this is a huge problem for me.(Ironically this same publishing house released the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Guitar Heroes and that devotes three pages to SRV.) Hootie and company also get more space than Van Morrison.

Next how is it that one hit wonder bands such as Johnny Hates Jazz or Frankies Goes to Hollywood are included in the main body of the work where as performers such as Three Dog Night (a huge international pheonomenom in the 1970s), Styx, Jimmy Buffett, and Blue Oyster Cult, with much longer recording histories and album sales.While these bands may not have had the huge followings in Europe, but their overall staying power, hits on the charts, and album sales merit inclusion, whereas one- PDFhit wonder bands such as FGTH and JHJ should have gone into the one hit wonder section.

Some info, but too many omissions to be fully credible as a "definitive" encyclopedia. Like this book? Read online this: Beaded Bands, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Tartan.

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