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Once I'd got over my dislike of the cover (a more depressing book visually I cannot imagine), my problem with the handwriting and drawings (I kept thinking 'couldn't they have chosen a prettier script and better illustrations?' before I realised that this reaction was exactly the sort of perfectionism that results in anxiety/depression), I gained many really useful insights from this book. The Depression Book PDF EBook Take this:

'If your hair were on fire, it would not be helpful to panic and race around in all directions at once... Nor would it be a good idea to take a nap... What would be helpful? Get present, assess the situation, then move as quickly as possible to the nearest source of help. And I would encourage you to pull out all the stops. Staying with our hair- PDFon-fire analogy, dunk your head underwaterwater, grab a fire extinguisher, smother the flames, yell for help. In other words, see your physician, see a therapist, start an awareness practice, learn to meditate.'

Given when I'm down I can veer from mania to duvet diving, this struck a nerve, and there was more, too. Interestingly, it shares a lot of the reasoning I found in 'Sunbathing in the Rain' by Gwyneth Lewis. Personally - and this is subjective - I preferred Sunbathing, as I loved Lewis' writing and the author's life experiences resonated strongly with my own. I also liked 'Shoot the Damn Dog' by Sally Brampton. But I would, as indicated by the quote above, suggest one adds this to meds/therapy/other books when pulling out the stops to heal oneself. Especially as only takes an hour or two to read, if rather longer to put into practice. Like this book? Read online this: Fire HD6 / HD7 Made Easy and Top 300 Kindle Fire Apps, Depression.

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