The Double-Cross System The Incredible True Story of How Nazi Spies Were Turned into Double Agents

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THE DOUBLE CROSS SYSTEM. The Double- PDFCross System The Incredible True Story of How Nazi Spies Were Turned into Double Agents PDF EBook(1972).J. C. Masterman.****.
During WW II, espionage played a vital role in contributing to both the strategic and tactical plans of all combatants.A sub-set of espionage was the use of double agents.In this book, originally written as a final report to the Ministry in 1945, the author tells of how an organization reporting to MI5 managed to turn about forty of Germany’s spies into spies for the British effort.These spies were normally apprehended as they tried to enter the country, either via parachute or through a neutral country.Portugal was the most popular country of origin.After they were apprehended, they were interrogated to see if they were willing to act on Britain’s behalf.People who were not willing to change sides were arrested and jailed.Most of these were executed.Of those who decided to play along with the British side, many managed to contribute to the war effort by providing misinformation to the other side.To make this effective, they had to first prove themselves trustworthy to their original handlers.The Brits managed to make this happen by providing them with true information of a non-lethal sort that could be passed on and verified by the Nazis.A lot of the activity resulted in minor changes in German strategy, but some of the projects had significant implications on the conduct of the war.The most famous was the effort by this group that cast doubt on the actual target of the planned Allied invasion of France from England.Information passed on by this group of double agents made the Germans believe that the focus of the attack would be in the Pas de Calais area rather than in Normandy.Other significant activities included broadcasts back to Germany that provided incorrect information about the “hits” of the V-1 and V-2 rockets.Hits by the rockets were reported back as being too long.The Germans corrected these – obviously not seeing the hits themselves – so that the actual targets were led farther and farther from London’s city center and out to the countryside.Another of the coups enjoyed by this group was the planting a dead body of an Allied officer in the waters off of Spain that would be found by the Germans.The body was loaded with secret information about up-coming troop movements and supply situations.Ultimately believing that they had found an officer who had been flying to some point but had been killed when his plane was hit or shot down, German troop movements were changed significantly.There was a film made based on this incident back in the 1950s, and a re-make done fairly recently.The title was, “The Man Who Never Was.”I can recommend the earlier film of the two versions.I haven’t seen the re-make.Other areas of activity involved German U-Boats, and, ultimately, work being done on the atomic bomb.This is a fascinating history of this little known section of British spydom.It still reads like a report, though a little up-scale, so don’t look for any literary example.The author lets his pride in participation show through, and is also happy that he was allowed to publish this book using the contents of secret files to assure his accuracy in detail.The introduction provided in the edition I read (Folio Society, 2007) also provided a list of other books which have been published dealing with this double agent approach.My list of to-read books has just been expanded considerably.Here’s a real life example of a small piece of the war which had a large impact on its direction and on the saving of countless lives of Allied personnel.Recommended.
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