The Dragon King (Doctor Who: Decide Your Destiny, #11)

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For a choose your own adventure style book it was very well done! I read through once and ended up climbing up a high volcano with the Doctor to escape being eaten by giant crocodile sized centipede's and another time I read through it pretty much the entire thing took place in a cave. The Dragon King (Doctor Who: Decide Your Destiny, #11) PDF EBook

You make a choice on either every page or every other page. I didn't get past two pages of story without having to make a choice, and even if there was no choice making, I still needed to skip off to a different page after reading that one. So if you don't like page jumping this isn't the book for you!

The Doctor is by your side (almost) the entire time in this book, at least from the story lines I've encountered in it. You almost never speak, the Doctor does almost all of that, and if you do it's short and sweet. Everything your thinking or feeling is in "thought". Details are short and to the point in this book but very well done, and they DO leave room for your imagination. So if you like lots of details and dialogue this isn't for you. Though for this style of book it is well balanced.

It only took me about 10- PDF20 minuets to read through the stories, and even though it felt short, it was still good.

Who can resist being the Doctor's companion? ; download; )

ALL-IN-ALL! Good read, good re-reading value in my opinion, and I can't wait to buy more of these choose your own adventure style Doctor Who books in the future.

P.S.- Very good reading materials for bed time stories for your young Whoovians, since it doesn't take very long to read from start to finish and it gives them choices to make(making it "fun") as well as them using their own imaginations for added details! =)

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