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A Transition Town group involved in preparations for peak oil and climate change; download; an intentional community, founded with the highest ideals; a nonprofit dedicated to social change—millions of such voluntary groups exist around the world. The Empowerment Manual PDF EBook These collaborative organizations have the unique potential to harness their members' ideals, passions, skills, and knowledge—if they can succeed in getting along together.

The Empowerment Manual is a comprehensive manual for groups seeking to organize with shared power and bottom- PDFup leadership to foster vision, trust, accountability, and responsibility. This desperately needed toolkit provides keys to:

Understanding group dynamics Facilitating communication and collective decision-making Dealing effectively with difficult people.
Drawing on four decades of experience, Starhawk shows how collaborative groups can generate the cooperation, efficacy, and commitment critical to success. Her extensive exploration of group process is woven together with the story of RootBound—a fictional ecovillage mired in conflict—and rounded out with a series of real-life case studies. The included exercises and facilitator toolbox show how to establish the necessary structures, ground rules, and healthy norms. The Empowerment Manual is required reading for anyone who wants to help their group avoid disagreement and disillusionment and become a wellspring of creativity and innovation.

Starhawk is the author of eleven previous books including the award-winning Webs of Power. A highly influential voice for global justice and the environment, she is deeply committed to bringing the creative power of spirituality to political activism. Like this book? Read online this: 24 Unique Ways to Upgrade Your Catholic Youth Group, Logics of Empowerment.

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