The Enormous Room

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Sort of like reading an overly dramatic Twilight Zone or Outer Limits episode, complete with 50's era bad acting. The Enormous Room PDF EBook It got good and exciting toward the end, but the woman was nothing but a weak- PDFwristed 50's stereotype who was afraid the other men would rape her, what with not being around any other woman for like... 5 days. I will give it props for having the African American student as the brains of the group - but the Mexican chili stand owner was nothing but a stereotype, so that pretty much undid my opinion of the authors grasp on tolerance.

Stilted dialog, unbelievable and senseless behavior, topped off with wooden characters. Good idea, badly executed. Like this book? Read online this: Repertoire General Du Theatre Francais. Edition Stereotype D'Apres Le Procede D'Herhan, The Great Big Enormous Turnip.

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