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Collecting all of Kirby's Eternals, i. The Eternals Omnibus PDF EBooke. #1–19 and Annual #1, this volume provides another glimpse into the mind of a master storyteller in the medium of comics.

Chronologically appearing in Kirby's bibliography when he returned to Marvel (after the highly productive stint at DC which gave us Kamandi, O.M.A.C., The Demon and the entire Fourth World saga and mythos), it is hard not to see certain similarities between The Eternals and Kirby's Fourth World creations. In fact, in many ways (given the cosmic themes) the former reads a bit like Fourth World light. But that in itself is not a strong critique of the work. It is nevertheless Kirby and even on one of his lesser days Kirby outdrew and out- PDFcreated many if not most other comics artists.

And it's a fun read.

Also, while there are clear similarities there are also differences. Fourth World was set up in a manner that made it easily separated from the DC Universe whilst simultaneously being easily integrated. The Eternals on the other hand wasn't created as a part of the Marvel Universe. There are three occasions when the Marvel Universe intrude (I say "intrude" as all of these occasions apparently where prompted by Marvel editors and pretty much not what Kirby himself wanted) and on all three occasion the intrusion is superficial in some manner.

First there is Sersi turning the head of a guy into a copy of FF's the Thing in issue #6(with the audience referencing both FF and the Thing).

Then there is the addition of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents on the final page of that same issue, who then reappear and play a more prominent part in the following issue. But prominent or not, they are basically S.H.I.E.L.D. agents pretty much in name only. They are no agents I've encountered elsewhere and there purpose is more governmental agency agents and humans than very specifically S.H.I.E.L.D. (in terms of how the plot is handled).

Finally there is the three issues appearance by the Hulk (#14–16), which of course isn't the Hulk at all but robot made at a university (intended to be a mascot) and then accidentally infused with cosmic energy. Reading the surrounding commentary by the characters even suggests that the Hulk is a fictional Marvel character to the people involved in a story, rather than an existing creature. Clearly there are ways to go around that, but it seems to me to strongly suggest Kirby's opinion that he wasn't telling these stories inside of the Marvel Universe.

And, having read through included textual histories of Marvel's integration of The Eternals mythos into the mainstream Marvel Universe also suggests that it might not have been the best idea. I will shortly be reading the two Thor TPBs entitled The Eternal Saga and maybe I will have cause to retract this statement after that, but regardless of some possibly interesting stories having been generated out of the integration, the universe Kirby suggests in this volume isn't really compatible with the Marvel Universe. And if the latter can extract some strength from the former it seems to do so at the expense of the former.

At any rate, not Kirby at his strongest (nor do I think it would be his weakest), but nevertheless a very enjoyable read. Like this book? Read online this: Marvel Adventures Hulk - Volume 1, Until Death Do Us Part Omnibus (2-in-1 Edition), Vol. 9 (2-in-1 Edition), Vol. 9: Includes Vol. 17 & 18 (Until Death Do Us Part Omnibus, #9).

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