The Ethnic Dimension in American History

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Through association with others, individuals come to know themselves; download; and through placement among people of their own national, cultural, and religious kind they gain a larger American identity. The Ethnic Dimension in American History PDF EBook This paradoxical relationship between individual and community has special meaning in American history. In neighborhoods and other forms of association, members of immigrant ethnicities along with racial and religious minorities have sought to preserve their distinctiveness against social homogenization.
This book's 17 chapters cover the history of ethnicity in American society, from the first Americans before colonization up to the present day. Groups covered include Native Americans and Americans of varied backgrounds: European, Chinese, African, Jewish, Filipino, Japanese, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Korean, Haitian, Indonesian, and Muslim. Like this book? Read online this: Ethnicity and Sport in North American History and Culture, Law in American History.

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