The FBI Killer

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Dirt poor, divorced, the mother of two young children, twenty- PDFseven year old Susan Daniels Smith, prayed for a handsome Prince Charming, who would take her away from the squalor of her rural Kentucky community to live in romance and luxury. The FBI Killer PDF EBook

When a good-looking, big city FBI agent named Mark Putnam entered her life, Susan thought her prayers had been answered. She was dead wrong. On June 8, 1989, Putnam took Susan for a drive into the hills to discuss her demands of marriage. She was never heard from again.

The FBI Killer recounts the bizarre events that forced Mark Putnam to confess to brutally killing his lover, while covering up his crime for more than a year. The first agent in FBI history to be convicted of homicide, Putnam is now serving sixteen years in a federal prison. Like this book? Read online this: Susan Boyle, The Kid Was a Killer.

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