The Feckin' Book Of Irish History

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Irish history with minimal detail but plenty of nationalistic fervor. The Feckin' Book Of Irish History PDF EBookFor a small, exceedingly northerly, sparsely populated island a far ways out in the North Atlantic, Ireland sure has a lot of written history.Murphy and O’Dea’s book openly admits its depth of insight is vanishingly small (the great famine when 1.5 million people starved to death and from which another 2.5 million were eventually forced to flee the country runs less than 2 pages), however, it tries to compensate with breadth.The book begins with the then glacier- PDFcovered island’s break-away from Scotland and then rips through the following 30,000 years (concentrating on the last 1,000 of course) of bummers, tragedies, misadventures, failures, catastrophes, calamities, fiascoes, messes, bumps, disasters and screw-ups – nearly all due to the English.To say the authors dislike the English is akin to saying Mahmoud Ahmadinejad likely would turn down a bat mitzvah invitation if offered.Murphy and O’Dea leave no opportunity to rail against the feckin’ English untapped often letting their anger overwhelm their humor so that the laughs they go far are occasionally as bitter as flat Guinness. They also struggle to relate the circumlocutions of Irish politics succinctly which is something like writing a “for dummies” thermonuclear device building book.Where they excel is in pulling quotes from illustrious Irish writers and statesmen and interspersing these throughout the text and in highlighting other paragraph-length fun factors or anecdotes.In summary, if you are visiting the Emerald Isle and want a brief, jokey, primer on the voluminous labyrinthine history of the place and your eyes are not offended by a lot of feckin’ cussin’ you would have to be an arse-faced ejit to choose a different book.If you are English you will want to avoid, unless you also get off on masochistic sexual practices. Like this book? Read online this: English Gcse for Aqa 2010. English Language a Student Book Targeting Grades a, Irish Folk History.

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