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First off, this book is confusing. The Fog PDF EBook The preamble refers to "the film," but never says what film it's talking about (apparently it's called The Fog—oops). As a prequel to a film I've never seen, it makes not a lot of sense, which is frustrating because I think prequels when properly written can introduce new fans to a story. Since I didn't know who any of the characters were, I thought I'd get to know them, but none of them develop a personality. This book really depends on readers already knowing who everyone is. It also flips between characters with no transitions, so it seems like suddenly a character will get fat and grow a moustache. I had to keep re- PDFchecking all the pages to see if I'd already met Tom or Philip or whoever it was who was getting a nasty rash next.

Second, this book doesn't really have much of a plot. Some people get rashes? There's a Chinese curse with no real origin or meaning or continuity. One village gets eaten by invisible animals, another gets burnt flesh? Also there's some dude who maybe skinned a Chinese worker because he likes the smell of flesh or something? Without reasons for these "spooky" things, they are not actually scary or even mildly creepy. They are just examples of ineffective storytelling.

The illustrations are fine enough—enough detail to tell who people are but not so much as to make the frames cluttered. Not altogether spooky, though.

Overall, this book shouldn't be read if you haven't seen the movie, and maybe not even if you have. Like this book? Read online this: Chinese Paradise-The Fun Way to Learn Chinese (Student's Book 1B), I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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