The Forgotten Secret

PDF EBook by Scott Clements

EBook Description

In this follow up to Gasparilla’s Treasure, Trip, Josh, and Sarah team up with mysterious adventurer Juan Gonzalez on a quest to unite The Triumvirate, a legendary trio of mystical items that when brought together, will give the holder unimaginable power. The Forgotten Secret PDF EBook

Having already found one of the items, Trip and his friends embark on a new quest to find El Leó download; n Sagrado de Fuerza, The Sacred Lion of Strength.

Trip’s efforts to stay one step ahead of evil forces that plan on using El León Sagrado de Fuerza to control mankind lead him on an adventure across multiple states—a race that challenges him to uncover the mysteries of “The Forgotten Secret.” Like this book? Read online this: Quarterly Essay 38 Power Trip, The Forgotten Legion (Forgotten Legion Chronicles, #1).

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