The Four Kings

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Politics, magic, and love don't mix. The Four Kings PDF EBook Or do they?

When the world is overcome with The Great Blight of poverty, corruption, and hopelessness, a group of young wizards seizes control and makes sweeping changes—which divides the human race into loyal supporters of the new regime, and bitter, angry revolutionaries.

In the midst of the turmoil is Amanda Fullerton, a grad student who is hired to act as liaison between the wizard council in North America and its citizens. While ruling like monarchs from their perch in the sky, the self- PDFproclaimed "Liberators" create a widening gap among the Mortals, with Amanda caught in the middle.

As Amanda tries to serve both sides, she becomes embroiled in the twisted agendas of these puppet masters. With alluring, yet deadly wizard games that threaten her life and romantic entanglements, Amanda discovers her "dream job" is anything but!While the four wizards—Demus, Indie, Regi, and Justica initially unite under their libertarian ideals and their revered god Elsedor, their unique personalities eventually lead to infighting, with the fate of the continent up for grabs.

"The Four Kings" casts a spell on its readers with a well-woven tale of fantasy, thriller, romance, and political intrigue that will keep you guessing until the end—and perhaps beyond. Like this book? Read online this: A Planet Torn (Amanda Love Trilogy, #3), Kings.

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