The Fragile Path

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And I have seen it pass sterile into textbooks, just more facts to be learned to please a stern tutor, then forgotten when the lesson is over. The Fragile Path PDF EBook

But the lessons of the Awakened must never end. By the divine Avatar within each of us, we are bound to history just as we are charged to create it. We, of all mortals, cannot forget what has gone before us. Nor can we shunt it into scraps of paper and shove it onto library shelves, just another book to be checked out when required. We are history, the past, present, and future incarnate, and we must not forget those who went before us - PDF what they did, what they gave, what they eventually won - lest we become the last chapter in the final history book.

This is the tale of the First Cabal; download; five Testaments, plus my own observations and commentary. As so few of our kind have the tolerance to sift through the archaic wordcraft, I have taken the (laborious) liberty of translating these testimonies... Like this book? Read online this: Like the Red Sky At Morning (Forget Me Not series, Book 2), Fragile State.

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