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A very touching play based on the events of Bloody Sunday in Derry, Ireland, 1970. The Freedom of the City PDF EBook The play follows Michael Hegarty, an activist and protester for Civil Right, Lily Doherty, a mother of 11 living in the Catholic Bogside and Adrian "Skinner" Casimir, an insightful, quick and spontaneous man also involved in the protest.
The three cross paths and end up in the Guildhall, where their stories and lifestyles are revealed to the audience giving us a wider understanding of three very different types of people, marching for 3 very different reasons.
But by glimpsing the events happening outside, the unease for the three characters inside the Guildhall builds until the last moment, when Michael, Lily and Skinner come face to face with consequences that have been evident since the start.

Throughout the play, we glimpse different parts of the characters' lives. As we understand more about them, and where they come from, especially Lily and Skinner, we begin to see why are they are the way they are and feel sympathetic towards them. It's a very subtle character development, or more so, discovering the characters.
Lily is first a gossip with no regard for the outside world, but we learn of the poverty she lives in and the situation with her family, husband and home.
The Michael we meet is at first a strong leader who stands up for the rights of others, but we being to see him as narrow minded in the sense that he is stubborn about his opinion of people and for the government.
Skinner is at first a very rude and disrespectful character, but as e go through the play, we realise he is a very insightful man, who underneath his flippant exterior, cares a lot about the disadvantaged, understands the situation, even before the audience does, and is a realist who grasps onto the opportunities life gives him while he can.

Freedom of the City is a Naturalistic play first performed in 1973 in Dublin, after the events of Bloody Sunday the year before. The play is set in the Mayor of Ireland's parlour in the Guildhall with tabs items and asides to show events happening outside the Guildhall. The stage directions are of vital importance and the intended mood of the play relies strongly on them to convey the metaphors or imagery of the story line.

Freedom of the City was a very touching play, also very tragic and made a huge impact on me, especially the character of Skinner. It also, for once, doesn't shower glory all over the conflict the British Army faces, instead, portraying the events in a very real and unbiased way. The imagery and characters are extremely well portrayed and the emotional response was very touching and memorable.

The Widgery Report (2010) was the official report written as an understanding of the British that the victims of Bloody Sunday were innocent. This lead to the apology to the citizens of Ireland who witnessed a tragic mistake and were not believed for 28 years before.

I would highly recommend to those interested in history and revolutions, but also to those studying psychology of humanity. It's fascinating to get a glimpse into this world only 4 years after the formal apology of Bloody Sunday by the British Government, David Cameron.

5 out of 5 stars for a very touching play that will be remembered by me for a long time.
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