The Gates of the Alamo

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A huge, riveting, deeply imagined novel about the siege and fall of the Alamo in 1836—an event that formed the consciousness of Texas and that resonates through American history—The Gates of the Alamo follows the lives of three people whose fates become bound to the now- PDFfabled Texas fort: Edmund McGowan, a proud and gifted naturalist whose life's work is threatened by the war against Mexico; download; the resourceful, widowed innkeeper Mary Mott; and her sixteen-year-old son, Terrell, whose first shattering experience with love leads him instead to war, and into the crucible of the Alamo. The Gates of the Alamo PDF EBook The story unfolds with vivid immediacy and describes the pivotal battle from the perspective of the Mexican attackers as well as the American defenders. Filled with dramatic scenes, and abounding in fictional and historical personalities—among them James Bowie, David Crockett, William Travis, and General Santa Anna—The Gates of the Alamo enfolds us in history and, through its remarkable and passionate storytelling, allows us to participate at last in an American legend. Like this book? Read online this: The Alamo (I, Q, #4), After The Alamo.

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