The Gettysburg Chronicle

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The Army of the Potomac is in shambles. The Gettysburg Chronicle PDF EBook The defeat at Chancellorsville has left General Hooker wounded while he strives for positive reinforcement from Washington. It is known the Army of Northern Virginia has invaded the north and the high command does nothing. In the Army of Northern Virginia, the only defeat suffered is the death of Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. His last request was to take the army to the north, and north they would go. At Gettysburg, the two great armies would clash and in three days; download; more men would die than in the entire Vietnam War. This volume describes the movements of both armies to that fateful town and the bright early hours of July 1st, 1863. Here, in Gettysburg, the world will watch in horror. Like this book? Read online this: General Lee's Army, Part I, Gettysburg.

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