The Gods of Winter

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I believe I've reviewed Dana Gioia on here before, so I'd like to avoid the gushing of affection I feel for this poet—except that I can't. The Gods of Winter PDF EBook Gioia is everything I love about poetry—meaningful statements artfully delivered. I understand that sometimes questioning meaning itself can be rewarding, but most pieces that attempt this create their meaning by studiously avoiding meaning—the point becomes "See I said nothing and that resonates!" And it can. When it's done right. But most of the time it's not done right and the structure and power of communication are abandoned for banality.

None of that here. Instead Gioia communicates clearly and profoundly with a truly beautiful ear for language. This collection has less rhyme than I remember from his other collections, but it is full of brilliant work. I loved so many of these poems. I tried listing the ones I'd particularly like and found myself typing so much of the table of contents that I gave it up as a bad job.

What I love about Gioia is that he avoids the trap of navel- PDFgazing intentional obscurity. He communicates clearly, writing for an audience and not just for himself. It does not decrease the profundity of his work, it improves it. It improves the artistry as well, allowing the reader to understand how that simile, this metaphor, the alliteration in that line, the assonance in this are emphasizing the meaning of the work without a reader's guide or a professor to help elucidate.

Gioia reminds me of Robert Frost—apparently old hat. Apparently traditional to the point of being boring. But such statements could not be further from the truth. Frost famously compared writing free verse to playing tennis without a net. I don't entirely agree with him, but the abandonment of tradition and structure can only progress so far before one is lost with nowhere else to go and shocking is all that is left and even that has become blase. Gioia dares to mean: clearly, profoundly, and beautifully. I absolutely adored this book. Like this book? Read online this: On Truth and Meaning, Winter Love, Winter Wishes.

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