The Great Gatsby and Other Stories

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I absolutely love this book! I love the sarcasm in the writing and the way that the protagonist just kind of floats around between the different "worlds" not really belonging anywhere . The Great Gatsby and Other Stories PDF EBook... just observing life from different perspectives and striving to fit, but just never quite getting there.

In the end everybody tries so hard.. but never really gets what they were looking for.

And Gatsby himself... What an interesting character for Fitzgerald to create... I can't decide if his notion of Daisy is incredibly romantic, or pathetic... (probably depends on if I am in a cynical mood or not).

I'm a sucker for a tragic ending (as long as it's meaningful and not just because it's unpredictable) and this book definitely has that.

Another book that I will read again and probably love even more the 2nd time. There is so much detail in the writing that I can just imagine how many hidden details will present themselves when I read it again!

"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past." Like this book? Read online this: Academic Encounters Level 2 Student's Book Reading and Writing Create eBook, A Critical Essay of The Great Gatsby.

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