The Greedy Triangle

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Greedy Triangle is written by Marilyn Burns and illustrated by Gordon Silveria and is part of the Sholastic book range. The Greedy Triangle PDF EBook

The triangle is bored with his shape and asks a shapeshifter to add another angle to his shape....over and over again. He becomes many different shapes until at last hehe misses his friends and learns that it's not so bad being a triangle!

This book is great for early learners of maths - PDF Early Years, even KS1, introducing the correct names for geometric shapes.
It challenges children's misconceptions about the position of shapes 'by showing children shapes in many different forms and positions and places them in contexts that make them accessible to children. The illustrations give children a chance to think more flexibly about shapes and how they are used.

There is great potential for extending children's learning - particularly in Early Years with the suggestions in the book such as role play and investigation of the classroom for shapes. It is a good introduction to a creative art activity where the children could tell their own story using various shapes of different sizes.

I have given this book a high rating because of its versatility and its potential to act as a PHSE model to remind children that being greedy is not the way to have fun or keep your friends - love yourself as you are! Like this book? Read online this: DK Lift the Flap Shapes Board Book, Greedy Bastards.

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