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I've been playing electric guitars through effects into guitar amplifiers for twenty six years but it's only in the last five that I've become interested in the electronic circuits that have made this happen. The Guitar Amp Handbook PDF EBookAs this interest developed, I did what I so often have done and began to read books on the subject.Guitar amplifiers are particularly complicated beasts and The Guitar Amp Handbook has been instrumental in my grasp of just how it is a guitar amplifier does what it does.

Dave Hunter has a friendly, easy going writing style that communicates several complex concepts quite well.He is able to be informative without going over anyone's head, speak to the layman without being condescending and be funny without being awkward or corny.So very few of the authors of books on music electronics are capable of adequate technical writing, including those who have Electrical Engineering degrees and have worked in the industry for decades.Hunter communicates the concepts and ideas guitarists need to know to be able to make informed decisions about what amp to buy in a way that is completely effective.I cannot stress this enough.

The book itself is fantastic.Hunter tells you what the amp does then proceeds to break this process down to its various parts.He discusses electrical components and what they do and addresses the issue of "mojo" in NOS (new old stock) tubes, capacitors, resistors, etc.Hunter also covers speakers, cabinets, wattage requirements and maintenance.There are tons of excellent photographs and diagrams to reinforce the subject matter and a thorough and handy glossary to refer to as you read.One chapter details building your own amplifier from a kit.There are also several interviews with various amplifier makers that are pretty interesting, considering many of the topics discussed in this book are echoed in these interviews.

The coolest chapter takes a look inside various amplifiers with detailed photos of the insides of the amps illustrating what each part is doing and what is happening in the circuit.This is a great tool to help understand how amplifiers work.

This is not a technical manual, so techs might find this book redundant.However, anyone who wants to know what makes and amp tick (and sing, roar, wail, etc.) will find much to learn. Like this book? Read online this: Swing When You're Winning (Piano/Voice/Guitar with free audio CD) (Piano/Voice/Guitar with free audio CD): (Piano/vocal/guitar) (Vocal Edition Pvg/Book & CD), Guitar One Presents Guitar Archives.

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