The Heart of Understanding

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Tentatively three- PDFstarred since I am, at the moment, unable to agree with the author's writings. The Heart of Understanding PDF EBook Or perhaps it is more of a matter of understanding.

I can see how a piece of paper encompass the sun, trees, a speck of dust. So can I see the farmer's toil, his time, her sweat, a bull's labour, the sun's energy, the rain, in every grain of rice I eat.

But I am unable to see me myself in others, others in me. Though this much I know: that I am defined by everything else in the universe - my siblings, friends, colleagues, family - as is the universe by me.

Maybe that is what the author meant.

P.S.: I have a nagging thought that the author may have read Derrida's writings. Or that Derrida had a Buddhist influence. I'll be damned if inter-be is not differance. Like this book? Read online this: Unable To Breathe, A Heart to Heart Chat on Buddhism with Old Master Gudo.

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