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When I started reading the first book, I was thrown off by the fact that it wasn't about Percy. The Heroes of Olympus Hardcover Boxed Set PDF EBook It felt a little weird to be following around a random guy named Jason and have no clue what's going on with the hero you've spent the last five books building a relationship with. But that was exactly the point, and it worked out great. I liked the emotions and that confusion came through so well, the fact that no one really knew what was going on; download; it made it feel like we were on this journey together. I think the ending of this book, which is the big "something changes everything" idea that I referred to earlier was PERFECT. It made so much sense and really brought the whole Greek mythology foundation of this series to another level. It really opened things up to different possibilities. I won't say what it is because the moment you realize what's happening is pretty great. Just trust me lol.

I loved the cast of characters introduced in this series (as well the original ones, of course): Jason, Leo and Piper as the main three on the quest in the first book, along with some others that are introduced in later books. Once you read the second book and things all start fitting into place, there are a lot of characters that are brought into the story, and most of them are important. Throughout the series, these characters grew and made such an impression; they were well developed and had their own stories and personalities that I loved reading about. I am a sucker for books that have changing points of view, and Riordan does that wonderfully in this series. It's all in 3rd person POV, but when the chapters focus on individual characters, they take on the way the character thinks/speaks, which I thought was a great way to connect with them. They give you so much grief, joy, and anger... they're fantastic lol.

There were a lot of couples involved in this series, and I don't want to say too much about them in particular, but some couples showed more growth than others. Percy and Annabeth have always been a great couple, but they put the rest to shame in this series lol. I loved the way they were together, both as a couple and as teammates/leaders/warriors/anything really. There was not enough Percy in the series though; you don't get his POV as much as I would have liked.

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