The Highway and the City

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The Case Against "Modern Architecture" and The City and the Highway - PDF Seven-thousand stars each, a veritable constellation. The Highway and the City PDF EBook

To wit: "Some of the most famous architects of our time defiantly throw away their best opportunities: thus more than one new business building has been places in the middle of a large country estate, with all the advantages of a lovely landscape, only to turn its back completely to its surroundings, defiling the approach with an acre of parking lot, whilst the building itself, air-conditioned and curtained in Venetian blinds, mocks its open site, its possible exposure to sunlight and fresh air, by turning inward upon a closed court. The result is the characterless package, which has become the main hallmark of fashionable architecture for the last decade." (from "The Case Against")

Preach. Read it (selectively). Like this book? Read online this: Walking Tours of Modern Architecture in New York City [With Flap], Down the Highway.

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