The Hood

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FROM THE GHETTO AND PROUD OF IT! — Matt Cutter:? A street- PDFsmart rebel. The Hood PDF EBook An accountant who dressed in denim and leather, he lived and worked in the mean streets of East L.A. — Doria Sinclair:? A fast-track professional. An IRS agent, she made sure no one knew she came from the wrong side of the tracks. — Doria Sinclair. It was a name Matt Cutter hoped never to hear again. As a teenager, he'd almost ended up in a juvenile detention center — thanks to Doria. She'd stolen a car for a joyride, and he'd taken the rap for it.

Then she walked back into his life. Matt swore not to be suckered by her, but soon he was hot for her — again. Could Matt convince her to stop running from her past . . . and him? Like this book? Read online this: Matt's Story, Little Red Riding Hood.

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