The House in the Dark

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Written in urgency and under threat in Nazi- PDFoccupied Norway at the end of WWII, Vesaas' earlier novel at first seems a surrealizing of the context of its composition, a claustrophobic adventure set in an enormous house shuttered against unending dark brought on by interlopers who have imposed a fascist rule. The House in the Dark PDF EBook However, the strange and myth-like setting and general narrative terms seem designed most of all to make the specific general, to add a more universal allegorical/symbolic framework to what is otherwise an all to real and focused account of the psychological and ethical concerns of life in an occupied country. Of the necessity, risks, and subtle and difficult considerations of resistance. Though this is inherently more intense than other Vesaas given its time, it still bears all the marks of his usual empathy towards his characters (even when, as here, they fall at every gradation of the moral continuum), and of the tricky importance of coming to terms with what is past. I've been hunting for this one for ages, and it was very worth it. Vesaas certainly developed as a writer in the 18 years between this and The Ice Palace, but he never again wrote anything with this same kind of dark determination. Like this book? Read online this: Occupied France, Straw House, Stick House, Brick House, Slaughter House.

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