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This is an appropriate read even for preschoolers. The Something- PDFSpecial Horse PDF EBook Chris is the young protagonist who is extremely distraught at his father's line of work (which is to buy horses at auction and sell them to a buyer who slaughters them for meat—-okay that might not be an easy topic to discuss with the youngest crowd, but it is handled appropriately enough, I think).

At one auction Chris comes across a beautiful grey horse who eventually ends up at his dad's farm, destined for the slaughterhouse. Chris devises quite the adventurous plan to save his now (several days later) beloved horse, Lacy.

The rescue plan is rather interesting (at times a bit overly descriptive) and it is suddenly revealed that Lacy is a heavily decorated and extremely valuable dressage Andalusian mare who was stolen from her farm.

Then with about two pages left of the book, it ends. Rather abruptly for my tastes. Not sure that my 5 year old was annoyed with ending. She seemed pretty accepting of it. However, I was left a bit dissatisfied with it. I was hoping it would talk more about Lacy being reunited with her people and what happened to Chris' relationship with his dad after the Big Rescue was over. Unfortunately, we got none of those answers. Oh well. Thus, it gets an "it was okay" 2-star rating. I didn't dislike the book, I was simply hoping to read more of it! Like this book? Read online this: Chris Johanson, The Future of Geological Modelling in Hydrocarbon Development - Special Publication no 309 (Geological Society Special Publication) (Geological Society Special Publication) (No.309).

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