The Hunt in the Forest

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In these poems of hunting and predation, Burnside explores our most deep- PDFrooted and primeval pursuits: romantic love, memory, selfhood, grief, the recollection of the dead. The Hunt in the Forest PDF EBook Yet just as we seek, so are we sought out: at any moment we may slide into loss or be gathered in by some otherworldly light; download; at any moment, the angel of the annunciation may seek us out and demand some astonishing transformation. Even in the pursuit of love, or in the exercise of memory, we fall into snares and become entangled in veils; just as we are always on the point of discovery, so we are always a hair’s-breadth away from being lost. Concerned with love and mourning, with what we discover and what remains hidden – with learning how to follow the trail through the forest and find the way home – above all, these poems are about the quest: knowing that whatever we bring back from the hunt, it is always hard-won and never fully our own. Like this book? Read online this: A Moment to Love (Whistle Stop Romance, #1), Fox Hunt.

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