The Impossibility of Religious Freedom

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Author Winnifred Sullivan is a lawyer turned religion scholar who argues for a very interesting thesis in this book. The Impossibility of Religious Freedom PDF EBookHer argument is, as you can guess from the title, that full religious freedom is actually impossible, that it is an American myth. I had heard other authors talk about how the separation of church & download; state coupled with the guarantee of religious freedom makes for an interesting dilemma in political theory, but Sullivan puts it in a very interesting light. She essentially argues that because all free exercise lawsuits basically ask the courts to define what expressions of religion deserve legal protection, religion is still defined by the government and is therefore not fully free, nor can it be. If you think about it, it makes sense. Take the cases of child neglect charges against Christian Science parents who refused medical treatment for their children.This is an exercise of their religious freedom, but can we allow this?Since our society must put restraints on certain expressions of religion, is there such a thing as religion freedom?

To make her point, Sullivan gives examples from the Warner case that took place in Florida.She argues that the judge in the case relied more on his personal theology than the testimony of the witnesses and experts during the trial.She also talks about the Religious Freedom Reform Act (and its different manifestations in the states) and argues that it basically gave special status in this country to religious people, which itself amounts to something unconstitutional.

My main critique of the book is that it spends too much time on one case. I understand why the author did it...the case she discusses is a case that she herself was involved in. But this book could be much better if it contained a pool of different cases that illustrate the author's points. Good book, though. Like this book? Read online this: High Court Case Summaries on Con Law (Keyed To Sullivan & Gunther's Casebook 14th Edition) (Keyed To Sullivan & Gunther's Casebook 14th Edition) (High Court Case Summaries), Freedom to Submit (Freedom, Colorado #1).

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