The Iron Duke

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He's a lady's man, a man's man and a wanted man, on the run in 1930s Europe. The Iron Duke PDF EBook...

Meet Blacky Lee, ruggedly handsome with a quick wit and a roguish charm. Think Clark Gable with larceny in his heart and a price on his head. A price put there by the German Gestapo. But Blacky's always got an angle, and this time it s as audacious as they come. He'll hide in plain sight, impersonating the crowned head of a Balkan kingdom. He'll become The Iron Duke.

Can he pull it off? Win the love of a country...and of a beautiful woman? All Blacky has to do is risk everything and, for once in his life, find a way to do the right thing. Get in on the deception as the audio version of The Iron Duke puts you in the middle of the royal con game. "Filled with realistic sound effects...and a classic film noir atmosphere, this inspired and well- PDFpolished entertainment will immerse listeners." —Publishers Weekly

Hubbard and Gable were fast friends and fellow adventurers.While Hubbard was writing for Columbia Pictures in 1937, the studio often called upon him to doctor scripts for Gable—giving him a unique knowledge of the man and inspiration for characters like Blacky Lee.

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