The Killing of Bonnie Garland

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"A powerful and passionate indictment of the use of psychiatric testimony in criminal cases. The Killing of Bonnie Garland PDF EBook"
The Cleveland Plain DealerA year after Richard Herrin confessed to killing his girlfriend, Bonnie Garland, he was found not guilty of murder. His crime, he pleaded, was committed "under extreme emotional disturbance," excusing him from maximum responsibility. He was convicted on the reduced charge of manslaughter.

In this incisive examination of the murder, the trial, and its aftermath, a distinguished psychiatrist addresses the issue of the insanity defense. He shows how psychiatric testimony can distort court proceedings, and brilliantly analyzes the conflict between the individual rights of the accused and society's right to justice. Like this book? Read online this: Trial Manual for Defense Attorneys in Juvenile Delinquency Cases, Bonnie's Blue House.

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