The Kind of Girl I Am

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Born in a dreary Kentucky coal camp during the Great Depression, Vestal Jenkins uses her one natural resource—her extraordinary beauty—as her ticket out of poverty. The Kind of Girl I Am PDF EBook

Vestal's bawdy adventures include a brief period of religious piety, a loveless but lucrative marriage, an unsatisfactory stint as a shop girl and a financially rewarding foray into the world's oldest profession. This last venture leads Vestal to find her true profession—as the madam of the most notorious brothel in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Spanning decades, The Kind of Girl I Am humorously explores the changing sexual and social mores of the South and depicts an extraordinary woman's experiences of triumph, heartbreak, friendship and forbidden love. Like this book? Read online this: Woman's "True" Profession, My Sexy Asian Girl (World Cup Girl 2014 Book 9).

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