The King's Exile (Thomas Hill, #2)

PDF EBook by Andrew Swanston

EBook Description

 Thomas Hill is arrested on charges invented by his old enemy Tobias Rush, whom he thought had been executed for treason. The King's Exile (Thomas Hill, #2) PDF EBook He is deported to Barbados where he is indentured to Rush's business partners.

 When news of the King's execution arrives, political stability on the island is threatened. Also in danger is Thomas's sister and nieces back in England, and he knows he must return home to them. However when a fleet commanded by Admiral Sir George Ayscue arrives to take control of the island for Cromwell, his departure is blocked.

 A coded message from Ayscue to a sympathiser on the island is intercepted, and Thomas is asked to decipher it. A potentially disastrous battle seems inevitable, and Thomas volunteers for the dangerous role of envoy to Ayscue. But with his sworn enemy hot on his heels, will Thomas ever find safety and make it home to his family alive? Like this book? Read online this: The Political Philosophy of Thomas Jefferson, Huber Hill and the Dead Man's Treasure (Huber Hill, #1).

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