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'King's Own' by Captain Frederick Marryat is a flawed but engrossing novel. The King's Own PDF EBook Typical of Marryat's style, it is conversational, informal, and vivid. Marryat—who actually served as a naval officer during the Napoleonic Wars and Victorian period—was writing what he knew, and his portraits of characters are memorable, engaging, amusing, and discursive, so that the tale often wanders far from its plot. This, however, is typical of Marryat, and not necessarily a flaw, once you realize you have sat down for a pint with a true seaman who's going to spin you plenty of yarns. Being a tall ship sailor myself, reading this book was very much like gathering around the mess table with rum and potables to hear the adventures of my mates. Nonetheless, the novel does depart from the plot in rather flagrant ways. For example, a scene in which Marryat breaks the fourth wall to give us a description of his actual condition, his ship being tossed by a gale, and he clinging to his table attempting to write, the table itself having been lashed down, his feet hooked into the lashings to keep him from pitching over, and a river of water streaming across the deck beneath him. Such moments let you know you are in the hands of a real sailor.

The tale concerns the adventures of Willy Seymour, tattooed with the broad arrow that denotes the king's property, and a host of varied characters, such as the rake Rainscourt, the honest smuggler McElvina, the daring Captain M. who wrecks his ship and loses his life, and various minor but amusing characters such as the mouthy Mr. Midshipman Jerry and the surgeon- PDFnaturalist, Macallan. In this latter character we find the inspiration for Stephen Maturin as written by Patrick O'Brian. Full of mordant humor and with a long casualty list, 'The King's Own' is not a good choice for the first time Marryat reader; download; whereas for the seasoned fan of the captain, accustomed to more lighthearted works such as 'Frank Mildmay', 'Peter Simple', or 'Mr. Midshipman Easy,' it will come as a surprise that the book does not have a happy ending. In spite of the flaws, I prefer it to the Patrick O'Brian books; Marryat is an entertaining and accessible writer. POB can give you brilliant research, but Marryat was really there. Like this book? Read online this: King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table, All the King's Men.

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