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Suzuki said that there were parts of the Lankavatara that he still didn't understand, even after years of study. The Lankavatara Sutra PDF EBook It is terribly difficult stuff, but its richness is such that it is in some ways indispensable. The theory of "mind- PDFonly" or cittamatra is the focal point that forms a bridge of sorts between Vedanta and Buddhism — the mind is the fundamental ground condition of reality — serving the same function that Brahman does for advaita Vedanta. (But "ground condition" is meant only metaphorically, because this "citta" is of course non-dualistic, beyond being and non-being — the Lanka uses the analogy of space. It is neither here nor there without points of relation, and the ultimate goal is to rid oneself of these points of relation because they are illusory. Get it? Got it. Good.)

As a natural consequence the Lanka questions the appropriateness of categories and the reliance on language — if it is clear about anything, it is that philosophy is a ruse — and it slips into Zen territory. Hence Suzuki's interest — the legend is that this is the text that Bodhidharma transmitted to China. And amongst all this is a complex and not very clear description of the cittamatra/Vijnana "system" with all its epistemological underpinnings and psychological consequences. Some of this will be familiar to readers versed in Buddhist psychology, but the notion of a central "storehouse" of memory (Alayavijnana) and its necessary paravritti (unfortunately translated by Suzuki as "revulsion") is I think unique to the Lanka.

It's incredibly dense and not easy going, but fascinating stuff. Like this book? Read online this: Suki desu Suzuki-kun!!, Vol. 01 (Suki desu Suzuki-kun!!, #1), Yoga-Sutra.

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