The Last Akon (The Noru # 2)

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As all the other books in this series, is it a bit violent and has some "adult" content. The Last Akon (The Noru # 2) PDF EBook Nevertheless, I liked this book deeply.

This was the second book in the Noru series, which comes after the Guardian series. In this book, the Kasters, or the evil team from Malakaro, an evil man found a very special person. They will kill him if a deal is not done with the Noru. Apparently, it is Rage, Silver's dad. Diana, aka Ruin, a Kaster has found love with Silver, or Ayden. Ruin is trying to convince Silver to join the dark side because he is half demon and half angel. She says that even if he is half angel, he's still a demon. (That's just weird because even if he's a demon he's an angel too > download; _>) But a love triangle forms as Silver falls for Pryor, the Noru leader. As the Noru's parents are still stuck in the Light, it's up to Pryor and her team to get Uncle Rage back and safe. As Ruin spends more time with Silver, she begins to get a little good in her. Malakaro sees this and therefore punishes her by possessing her and forcing her to rip off my wings on a tall building. Pryor is heart- PDFwretched as she sees Silver and Ruin together, but she doesn't know that Silver went to jail, or Bliss, and can not have feelings for her because it will harm him. Sam, Pryor's brother is already dead because of evil forces and Uncle Rage is still trapped in this dangerous place that Angels usually don't get out of.

As these events take place, I loved how there was so much emotion and tension in each chapter, as well as some humor. (This is not exactly appropriate but) When the teachers in Silver's school reports that he had been cursing, Rage had said, "Damn, where'd he get that s** from?" It was a little laugh and over all makes the book mixed with many emotions. It's like opening a book to get a sucker punch, except that punch is a punch of humor, sadness, and plain irony. Like this book? Read online this: Undying Love for the Alpha, Part 1 (Vampire/Werewolf Romance - Silver Dawn Saga Book 9), I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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