The Lost Sayings of Jesus

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Jesus’s words of wisdom can become a
companion onyour own spiritual journey. The Lost Sayings of Jesus PDF EBook
The gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are not the only record we have of the words spoken by Jesus. Designed to challenge, enlighten and inspire, they are also quoted in a wide variety of other ancient sources—including the Qur’an, writings by early Christian church fathers, and fragments of lost gospels only recently discovered. Some of these sayings are familiar; download; many are surprising; all expand our conventional understanding of the scope and essence of Jesus’s original teachings.
More than a “Christian” compilation, this collection of more than three hundred sayings reveals a Jesus whose words encapsulate spiritual truths that resonate across religious boundaries. From the encouraging “I am hope for the hopeless,” to the wise and practical “Love those who hate you and you will not have an enemy,” to the candid “Give no opportunity to the evil one,” these pointed sayings not only reveal how Jesus was understood and portrayed across a wide variety of cultures long ago—they will also penetrate to your heart, challenge your assumptions, and energize your own spiritual quest. Now you can experience the wisdom and power of Jesus’s sayings even if you have no previous knowledge of these little- PDFknown texts.

Andrew Phillip Smith has been investigating early Christianity and Gnosticism for over a decade, sharing the results in presentations and writings. He is the author of The Lost Sayings of Jesus: Teachings from Ancient Christian, Jewish, Gnostic and Islamic Sources—Annotated and Explained, The Gospel of Philip: Annotated and Explained (both SkyLight Paths) and The Gospel of Thomas: A New Version Based on Its Inner Meaning. Like this book? Read online this: CHRISTIAN PRAYER ULTIMATE COLLECTION - Prayers, Devotionals, Bible Verses, and Scripture Texts and Verse to help Christians pray and connect to God and Jesus Christ PLUS Hymns and Songs, The Sayings of Sri Ramakrishna.

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